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This site contains a collection of techniques for barbecuing, smoking and cooking over fire. The techniques shown here are not the only way or the best way to prepare a certain item. This site is just a starting point and these techniques are a guide to creating your own recipes. Recipes included here come not only from personal experiences, but from many knowledgeable folks kind enough to share their secrets. ~thirdeye~


From time to time I feature Polls to see what YOU, my readers are cooking. Currently no poll is available.

If you click HERE you will go to my Poll Page and can see results of other polls as well as web statistics for my site.


Suggestions for the Links Page

I’m in the early stages of compiling a Links Page that will appear on the Welcome Page. It will not be limited to barbecue only, but cookin’ and food in general. There will be a short description or just a category, (I’m not sure yet), and a hyperlink to the site.

The list will include reference sites (like spices, tools, USDA information etc.), commercial sites (folks who have something to sell), recipe sites, blog sites, forums etc.

Here is where you can help. To recommend a favorites site or get your site listed, click on Post A Comment at the bottom of this page and leave the complete address and a brief description. This will allow me to cut and paste to the list. Please keep the recommendations cookin’ and food related.



~thirdeye~ said...

For starters I'm posting this link. (Notice it is complete and ready to copy).


It is the most complete ceramic cooker information site I have found and has a famous charcoal database too.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Dutch oven page I use a lot.


Neal from SLC

Anonymous said...

Here is one more. It is a many sites within a site. All canning links. I'll be watching for the complete list.



Anonymous said...

Here are instructions for tying a roast. Joyce


The Survival Gourmet said...

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~thirdeye~ said...

Neal, Joyce and Bigmista...You're on the list. Thanks for the posts.

Backyard Chef said...

Hi Thirdeye-- great site! I'll be adding a link to your site from my blog, and hope you'll do the same. Keep on smokin'



~thirdeye~ said...

Thanks for the kind words. You're on the list. Hope to publish the Links Page soon!

Anonymous said...

I thought I smoked my last fatty 10 years ago hehehe. That has all changed now that I found this site. Fatty's are great! Keep on smoking.

SirKeats said...

I'd love to be added to your links page! I've added your blog to my own site as well.

My info is as follows:

Link: http://www.clubegghead.com
Tagline: BBQ - It's not just a hobby... It's a lifestyle

Anonymous said...

4th Annual West Coast BBQ Championship

August 18, 2007, in conjunction with the Fairfield Tomatoe Festival. 10:00am - 6:00, Jefferson and Texas Streets, Fairfield, Solano Co., California.

This is the normal KCBS event that BBQ’ers on the circuit are used to. This series will play by the normal KCBS rules and cook the four meats as expected, plus Tri-tip. Teams for the 4th annual West Coast BBQ Championship are being split into two distinctly different series this year. Any team that has competed before in a KCBS, ICBA, MIM or other sanctioned BBQ event should proceed directly to the Championship series. Rookies or those not ready to take on the rigors and the spoils of the Championship series will be able to try their skills in the Competitor series. We encourage any individual or group to enter this contest - friends, family, car clubs, civic groups, public service supporters, anyone can compete here. This is an approved KCBS Sanctioned Event.



Phone/Fax 888.517.4150

Hope to see you there!!!

dpjc said...


A cooking blog, containing recipes, commentary, stories about cooking, etc. Pretty snazzy.

Anonymous said...

BBQ Pits by Klose

Amazing Quality BBQ Grills & Smokers for 23 years.
He even has Unique Train, Airplane, & World Record Pits.

JerryD said...


Thanks.. You have a great site and are now in my favorite links...Cheers..RU Eggsperienced.