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This site contains a collection of techniques for barbecuing, smoking and cooking over fire. The techniques shown here are not the only way or the best way to prepare a certain item. This site is just a starting point and these techniques are a guide to creating your own recipes. Recipes included here come not only from personal experiences, but from many knowledgeable folks kind enough to share their secrets. ~thirdeye~


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Welcome to the Neighborhood

My cookin' site features some recipes and other information I hope you find enjoyable. Click on any of the green underlined links to go to that page. Visit the Question & Suggestion page to read or leave a comment or ask a question. For links to other sites, check out the Web Sightings page in the TIPS section.


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NEW in the Recipe Section:

  • Au jus recipe from RRP added to the Standing Rib Roast page
  • Austrian Potato Salad - BBQinMaineiac's favorite recipe
  • Stuffed Chicken Breasts
  • Gumbo - Traditional & EZ Gumbo
  • The Rice - Norco's Mom's recipe with a twist
  • EZBB Ribs - Easy baby back ribs
  • The Chuck Roast page is finally up
  • Pig Candied Yams - A classic, modified by thirdeye
  • thirdeye's Grilled Fish Tacos
  • Plum Pork - A Chinese Appetizer

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      It's official.....I'm a MOINK Baller

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      Here is a nice birthday greeting I received in November of '06

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      Blast from the Past!

      This is a picture of one of the first pits I ever played with fire on. It is a front loading stick burner and the grate was about 20" from the coals. A wooden cover was used for slo cooks.

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      Here is a home-made drum barbecue/smoker my grandpaw made in the late '60's. It had a layer of concrete in the bottom and two cooking grates.

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      Pork Shanks

      Pork shanks are a great way to flavor a pot of beans. These are twice smoked shanks

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      Standing Rib Roast

      Here is a bone-in Prime Rib roast cooked in a barbecue pit at 225° with a simple rub and light smoke. this one was removed at an internal temperature of 125° and rested before carving.

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      Loin Back Ribs

      The ever growing popularity of traditional style barbecue cooked at home has grown to an almost cult-like status. "Barbecue" to most people means pork, cooked long and low. Loin Ribs also called Baby Back Ribs, are one of the quickest cooks for the backyard pit boss requiring a short prep time and 4 or 5 hours of cooking time. Here are a few racks cooked "dry" or "Memphis Style" meaning no sauce or glaze was added during cooking. All the flavor comes from a dry rub and smoke.

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      Spare Ribs

      This is a picture of some spares I cooked on my Big Drum Smoker.

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      Several recipes or techniques featured below have come from other folks who have
      achieved the special status of Guest Pit Boss. These recipes are published
      "by invitation only" and personally tested by yours truly. Here is the list so far:

    • Bobberqer's Pastrami
    • DobieDad's Stuffed Lamb Shoulder
    • Fishlessman's Country Ribs
    • Bobbyb's Paella
    • Richard's Key Lime Pie
    • Juggy D. Beerman's Pork Steak Marinade
    • Chubby's Planked Brie
    • SmokinCoyote's Tamales
    • Car Wash Mike's Baby Back Ribs
    • Rocky Richmond shares his Buckboard Bacon technique
    • RRP's Au jus for standing rib (prime rib) roast
    • BBQinMaineiac brings Austrian potato salad to the party
    • Norcoredneck shares his Mom's rice recipe.

    • Hey Everyone .... In addition to doing a little writing for The Cook's Kitchen, I've also been asked to contribute to Get Your Grill On. Both of these sites are part of The Well Fed Network. Feel free to drop by from time to time and check them out.

      My Cookers

      What do I cook on? I get asked that a lot. Here is the lowdown on the cookers I currently use:

      Big Green Eggs - These are ceramic cookers that can be used for barbecuing, grilling and baking. They are an upright design with a firebox in the bottom. The cooking set-up's can be direct, raised direct or indirect by using a heat barrier. Burn times on a load of lump charcoal can be 20 hours or longer. The Eggs are 4-season cookers and are unaffected by wind or cold. I have a small and a large Egg.

      Big Drum Smokers - The BDS is a vertical design drum cooker. I own two of these cookers. The models I have are 43 inches tall. A charcoal basket sits near the bottom and either one or two cooking grates can be used in the upper 1/3 of the cooker. This set up allows for direct cooking in the "sweet spot", way above the coals. The fats and juices dripping into the bed of coals during the cook produce old time smells and flavors that remind me of pit style barbecue.

      Big Chief Smoker - These are aluminum "box smokers" with an electric hotplate and chip pan in the bottom. They have a removable frame with adjustable racks. I use these for cold smoking cheese, smoke flavoring and drying jerky and for smoking fish. I have two of these also.

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      Start by reading this page. It will answer some general questions and will identify some terms you will hear.

      Barbecue & Smoking Tips for Newbies



      Maple Planked Brie

      Pig Candy - Pig Tails

      Plum Pork


      Chicken Wings

      Skinless Breasts & Thighs

      Stuffed Chicken Breasts

      Slow Cooked Drumsticks, Thighs & Wings



      Burnt Ends

      Pastrami (smoked corned beef)

      Beef Chuck Roast - Pulled or Sliced

      Pepper Beef


      Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib)

      Rump & Round Roasts

      Smoked Beef Tongue


      Beef Ribs


      Stuffed Shoulder Roast


      Buckboard Bacon & Buckboard Chops

      Country Style Ribs

      Hocks, Shanks, Jowl & Trotters

      Pork Steaks

      Shoulder Roasts - Butt & Picnic

      Spare Ribs - Preparation

      Baby Back Ribs - Car Wash Mike's Rib Class

      Baby Back Ribs - EZBB Rib Method



      Links and Bulk Sausage

      Sausage Recipes


      Smoked Salmon - Dry Cure Method

      Grilled Fish Tacos


      Turkey Breast - Roasting or Smoking Preparation

      Turkey Drumsticks




      Big Green Eggplant Parmesan

      Green Chili


      Austrian Potato Salad

      Pig Candied Yams

      Cowboy Potatoes

      Cream Corn